An auto-responder email is an e-mail which is sent back automatically to everyone who sends an e-mail to an e-mail address with this option activated. The senders will get the automatic reply the instant their emails are received and you'll not have to do anything whatsoever by hand. A couple of instances of making use of auto-responder messages are mailing a confirmation that a transaction is received and the order will be prepared or that a person is on a break and will not be around for a certain period of time. In the first case the option can be activated for a long time, while in the second one it's short-term. Even though you make use of email address just for personal communication, you may use an auto-responder to let the original sender know their e-mail is received successfully.

Auto-responder Emails in Hosting

It's possible to make an auto-responder message for any of the mailboxes with just 2 clicks with every single hosting plan that we provide. Everything you will need to do is to go to the Emails part of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, click the auto-responder button for a certain email, type in the message in the box which will show up and save the modifications. If you want to modify or delete some message, you will have to go through the very same steps. The Emails section will let you see which mail accounts have an auto-responder feature, so you're able to quickly check what's going on with your e-mails. You can also enable or deactivate the feature for a variety of mail boxes simultaneously.

Auto-responder Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers

The auto-responder option is available with all semi-dedicated server that we provide. If you create an email with a domain name hosted as part of your account, you're able to set up an automatic reply with no more than several mouse clicks in your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. All mail boxes which you have will be listed in the Emails part and creating an auto-responder is as easy as clicking on an email address, typing the message and saving it. If you'd like to edit or delete an auto-responder, you have to follow the very same steps. If you take care of quite a few emails, let’s say for an organization, you can activate the auto-reply option and deactivate it for all of them simultaneously just as quickly.